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The Internet is full of websites you can access to find out about Standardbreds. You can also learn valuable information about horses in general and their training. Here is a list of websites to check out. We'd love to hear about more! Enjoy!

The United States Trotting Association (USTA) is the breed registry for Standardbreds. You'll find information about the breed, racing, Standardbred Equestrian Program, Racing Under Saddle, and hot news from the horse world. Click here


The Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization is dedicated to the use of Standardbreds for recreation. They have their own mail list which is full of helpful hints and nice people. Check out SPHO for a gateway to the Wonderful World of Standardbreds.

You can find SPHO right in your own neighborhood. SHPO Ohio

Or e-mail the following areas:

The National
Midwest (Indiana)

Many SPHO members have their own websites. Here's a list of sites you can visit. If you are a member and want to list your website, please let me know.

Nancy W. and Midget
My name's Catherine and I live in Northern Ontario.
Rachel's page
Helen's site
Pam Partow in Southern Maine
Kathy's Korner
Debbie Willey
Sue Wellman
Renee's Zoo
Kicki's site
Carole's site in Oz
Petra Berce
Lara Wineman
Heidi Christensen
Tina's Standardbred Community
John and Sue
Penny Yates

(or you can click through to the Adoption page)

CALIFORNIA: Vicki Evans, in Hayfork, CA, breeds, trains, races, rescues. If you're looking for some wonderful babies or an Off-the-track horse on the west coast, start here.

Check out Steve and Vickie Desomer's website! And don't miss the baby pictures (foals of 2003)! Click here

True Innocents Equine Rescue, TIER rescues abused, neglected, and unwanted horses. They also work to find homes for horses that have fallen into the hands of killer buyers and, when funds allow, purchase needy horses directly from low end auctions. Located in Southern CA, this is where jouster, Mathew Cross, found Champion!

WISCONSIN: Susan Wellman's The American Standardbred Adoption Program
email Susan Wellman

Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, Inc.
Director: Scott Bayerl
Secretary & Webwriter: Karen Wilke
10055 Day Road
Marshfield, WI 54449
Telephone: 715-387-0555
You can email Scott or Karen directly. Check out both sites!

NEW JERSEY: One of the largest established rescue organizations is The Standardbred Retirement Foundation. Click here for information, e-mail, or contact them at: Standardbred Retirement Foundation, P.O. Box 763, Freehold, NJ  07728. PHONE - (732) 462-8773, FAX - (732) 431-9503

PENNSYLVANIA:The Harness Horse Retirement & Youth Association is now online. To involve your kids or rescue a horse,check out their website, you can email Program Director Anne McCloskey directly.


The source page for horse rescue sites is: Rescue & Adoption Sources

Standardbreds in Jousting? Yep. Check out Mathew Cross' website or e-mail him for information. Be sure to ask him about Champion and Andy!

A Standardbred Message Board dedicated to the world of standardbreds. Join us and link our site to yours. Enthusiast meet here daily.

California Historical Artillery Society. Uses 18+ standardbreds for Living history events where standardbreds pull artillery and serve as outriders. "We feel the standardbred is the perfect warhorse. Gentle, calm and forgiving of mistakes". For more information, contact CHAS.
This organization uses rescued horses.

Willey Standardbred Farm is a small family-owned horse farm dedicated to producing quality Standardbred race horses in California and promoting the Standardbred breed. Stop by for a visit!

Check out the Standardbred Stables Network. It contains owners, trainers, tracks, vendors, drivers, vets -- everything you need for harness a caretakers section for rescuers and the like.

Up in Canada, Dale Kerr at Gate 2 Wire Solutions has some pretty amazing and innovative performance enhancing products. They'll help your racehorse and your pasture horse. Gate 2 Wire also supports standardbred rescue. We like that!

If you want to trace your Standardbred, you can use the free searchable database, using the tattoo/neck brand registration number or the horse's registered name. Click here USTA and click on "HORSE NAME/TATTOO SEARCH". Anne Chunko of USTA says, "Tattoos can be notoriously hard to read, so if you can't find a match, please email me, and I will do my best to assist you in identifying your horse."


SCOTLAND: John and Caroline Crawford invite you to holiday at Hayfield Riding Center in Aberdeen Scotland. Situated within the city limits, Hayfield offers riding and driving instruction; riding on beaches, cross-country, or in arenas; riding for the disabled; and tours of the area. Improve your skills, learn to ride or drive, or just relax. Hayfield has it all. And, Scotland is one of the prettiest countries in the world. While you're at it, check out the new and improved Equiworld site; especially the Standardbred page.

CANADA: Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue helps save horses and ponies from slaughter and unwanted homes, and finds them new loving families. HCW always has a variety of horses and ponies for adoption. HCW gratefully accepts all donations and volunteers of any kind. Located in Ontario.

The Vancouver, BC Police Dept. is using Standardbreds. "They are by far the easiest horses to work with and I swear they are born... with temperments that far outway any other breed that we have used for Police Work." This site contains some wonderful information about horses in general. Check it out!

UNITED KINGDOM: "Rescue centres in the UK tend to be for horses in general and are run by a national charity and we do hear of some sad cases occasionally," says Ernst Zarb. "You're welcome to redirect requests from over here to this website and then I could try and get them in touch with people who have superfluous standardbreds for sale." e-mail, orwebsite


Large Animal Rescue website. The ONLY site dedicated to all areas of technical large animal rescue. Included are stories, a newsletter,schedule of classes. Learn how to remove your horse from life-threatening situations such as trailer rollovers.

Red Jeans Ink, a horse safety pubisher. THE place to order Michelle Staple's book on LAR, Save Your Horse! A Horse Owner's Guide to Large Animal Rescue. BE PREPARED!

Colin Dangaard and the Australian Stock Saddle Co. in Malibu, CA have been selling these wonderful saddles since 1979. What's more, Colin and crew will make sure their saddle fits your horse --- not an easy task for Standardbred owners. No wonder so many of us use Colin's Aussie Saddles! These folks are very approachable and knowledgeable, and will answer all your questions. Visit their website, or call them today at 818-889-6988. You'll be glad you did!

Baltimore Horse Country is an excellent resource for horse information.

The World Wide Farrier Directory has more STANDARDBRED FARRIERS listed then any other. As well as being a farrier, Steve Rosen is a driver and trainer. You can e-mail Steve or contact the Directory.

Freedom Rider A catalog of equipment for people with disabilities who ride horses. Driving and vaulting equipment too. Anything to enable people to do more with horses. "Riding for the Disabled" is one of my favorite disciplines of horsemanship, and this catalog makes it so much easier.

Nickers & Neighs, the horse lover's gift store & more, features great gift items, interactive horse trivia game, free classifieds & FUN! Look for Standardbreds in their links, and submit your rescue stories to "About Your Horses".

Recycle Racehorses, the "Free Horse Page", full of great information. Also have you checked out the Free Horse Game? It's kind of a rescue game but its fun to play.

Justin Carriage Works out of Michigan has some of the prettiest carriages you'll ever see. Lots of pictures of their rolling stock. Send a postcard while you're there.

The Bay Area Equestrian Network. Regional directory for equine businesses in Northern California. Free business listings, classified ads, event calendar, bulletin board, Internet marketing and web site services.

Gary and Bernice Lane want you to know: "Please visit our site for Hand Carved Signs for Equestrian, Farms, Business, and Home. My wife and I live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and are in our mid 50's. We have a small farm business, and I make hand carved wood signs. Large or small, and can ship anywhere in the US." I've seen them and they're beautiful!

ACTIVATE NOW! Don't miss this opportunity to help our equine friends. Voice your opinions here:

Horse Abuse in America.
The Equus Organization
Redwings Horse Sanctuary
California Horsemen's Association
Equine Advocates
Ohio Hooved Animal Humane Society
Zero Women taking Premarin Means Zero Premarin Produced!
Get your PURPLE RIBBON now and help stop horse slaughter.
PREMARIN: THE UGLY TRUTH is a flyer you can distribute. It comes from

The Equine Protection Network has made some gains in getting New Holland, PA's livestock auction -- one of the most disgusting in the country -- cleaned up. They've rallied government and humane leaders. Check them out and please help them out!

FLORIDAHORSE. The #1 internet directory for everything equine in the State of Florida.

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